My main reason for trying CBD was because i have struggled with osteoarthritis in my hip for over 10 years. Within a few days of taking CBD the pain was almost non existent. I have also recently returned to the gym after a few months off. Having trained for over 40 years i was expecting stiffness the day after but since taking CBD this has been minimal. My sleep quality has also vastly improved. Thanks Hemp Boutique. (Roger White)

I Couldn't recommend CBD oil enough I have my anxiety under control without being on medication from Dr's. Can carry on my days with out constant worry or that anxious feeling I have told and will carry on telling everyone how amazing it is. (Jade, Manchester)

Brilliant, informative service! One stop shop for all CBD and Hemp Products. Highly recommended. I use used CBD Capsules and Oil as a dietary supplement and for chronic insomnia. This is the future x (Joe, Lancaster)

I have brought the CBD oil and it has changed my life, I suffer from bad aniexty. It took about a week for the oil to kick in but my aniexty has been halved and I am able to control it. The balm helps me sleep I apply it on temples and wrists also calms me down. I've used it on my neck when I pulled a muscle. I've also used on my babies drool rash. Products are fab and will be coming back. I also got free vape oil with order which I am looking foward to trying. Thank you for selling these amazing products. (Becky Alonso)

Since taking CBD products approx 8 months ago, I can honestly say I've never felt better, I have more energy, feel happier, more relaxed and a big bonus is that I've not had any illnesses, bugs or common colds since I started taking CBD supplements.I would advise people that it's a supplement & you need to keep taking it regularly, not just when you're feeling stressed or ill. Christian, Manchester.