CBD and spina bifida, my story.

I’m Aaron, the owner of Hemp Boutique. I just thought I’d give you a brief insight into why I first got into the hemp industry.


From the age of around 6 years old I started complaining of back pain, I found it uncomfortable sitting on chairs at school and partaking in certain sorting activities. This never stopped me and I always stayed active playing football for local sides, loved playing squash and tennis but gradually my back pain got worse and I had to stop a lot of sports including football which I loved! For the next 15-20 years I was back and forth to hospitals and specialists but they never gave me a diagnosis to what condition I had. By this point I had to leave work as an electrician where I’d worked for 10 years. At the age of 30 they finally diagnosed me with spina bifida, luckily it wasn’t the severe kind! I was then prescribed gabapentin and told to take them from now on. No way!!! After taking them on and off for 3 years I decided to try something different, something natural, a friend of mine was already in the industry so I decided to try CBD. The day I started taking CBD was the last day I took gabapentin, CBD has helped endlessly and although I’m never going to be pain free due to how serious the condition is I can now manage it and I’m only putting healthy, natural products into my body! 


That was in August 2017 and now I work in the industry full time helping others get access to natural healthy products and I couldn’t be a better place to work! So that’s our story!